No. 28 – DIY Golders Green – 210 Km

It has taken me three weeks to recover – but I felt that I am nearly as good as new so I went for that ride again – on a fixie – the Pearson Touche.

I did it – but this ride was tough. It was certainly the toughest yet on my muscles – I felt completly drained by the end of it and managed to climb Muswell Hill on what seemed to me will power alone. I took a whole week after that to recover and I think I needed every minute of it.

Riding a fixie for that distance is really not easy. The legs don’t stop – they just HAVE to fo on and on and on – pushing uphill and revolving at frightening speed downhill. I had to walk about 5 times, and only at the steepest hills. I managed some climbs that I really had no idea that I would – but up and over I went!

ALl in all it took me about 14 hours – so just inside the time limit. I must admit though that I could have not faced a second day on my fixie straight away. Those people that do end to end or LEL on a fixie are really something else!

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