No. 32 – 10/5/09 – DIY GG to Oxford 110Km

I had high hopes for this ride. Last time I managed a very high average for this route – and that was on a fixed bije.

This ride was my first time on a geared bike after a very long pause. From all I heard I was supposed to be so much stronger that I would literally fly on geared bike, having spent several good months training with my fixie. Guess what – I was absolutely shattered after 150 Km and had to call devoted wife for a rescue mission. The word ‘pathetic’ doesn’t even start to describe how I felt. I was just plainly tired and exhausted and I figured that if I go on at that pace I’ll get home after miodnight or something – just too late. So I have thrown in the towl and waited in the Aylesbury petrol station for some 40 mintes until help arrived. While I did about 150Km I am claiming just 100Km – the ‘one way’ trip.

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