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No. 16 – DIY Temple Fortune – 106 Km

Friday, August 29th, 2008

It is really not that complicated, and the AUDAX site does its best to make it really REALLY easy, but it still took me a while to get a DIY AUDAX sorted and – well – ridden…

First I needed the Brevet cards. OK – sent the money and got them. Then there was the route planning. It is surprising how stingy I feel about a Km here or there, when I plan a, say, 100 Km ride! It should really be slightly more than 100 – so 105 is like the norm, but this is measured in the shortest possible way between the controls, which is usually over a motorway or something like that – which I obviously cannot use to actually ride. So I am trying to find a route which is both shortest and not on motorway or high speed A Roads – not that easy. Also I need controls, so the ‘edges’ of the route have to be somewhere in the vicinity of a relatively large place, where I can get a statement from a hole in the wall or a receipt from a shop or something similar.

Having negotiated the minefield of the route I submitted it for approval. To my delight – that was just fine.

So I sent my application form and – away I went.

It was really a good ride – and a good weather too. I felt as if I am doing it in good time, but in reality I managed to get back with no more than 30 minutes to spare – if that. I know I spent quite a lot of time in several places finding my way (although in theory I had it all in my 705), but when looking back at the stats it was clear that my average speed was quite low. Hmmm… at least the saddle wasn’t a sore point 🙂 I actually quite like it and it seems to me (and this is ONLY a faint impression) that the ‘breaking in’ process has started.

I think I am going to try the same route this weekend – and get back far quicker if I can.

Oh yes – the route…

and the certificate:

No. 15 – Millers Tale – 165 Km

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

It’s has been more than a week since that ride. Actually – nearing two weeks now… It was a difficult one, and I managed to get in at the (almost) last minute. The weather was quite good, except for the last hour where the rain did not stop. Luckily it was a relatively warm day.

I liked the ride because the Mills on the way were actually visible and present, and the controls were in the Mills themselves – which was really nice.

I had more difficulties with my knee, although I think it wasn’t as bad as before.

In any case, I decided to take a long rest and for a week I did not cycle at all – not even to work. I will restart it gradually and see how I feel.

In the meantime, I bought myself a Brook saddle (B17), which some people say that it’s the best after the ‘break in’ period. From what I read a saddle is such a personal and not quite predictable thing that one has no choice but to keep looking until something that really fits happens to come by. Maybe it’s this one…

The certificate: