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No. 23 – DIY Golders Green – 315 Km

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

It’s been a week since I did this ride. It wasn’t the ‘shock’ of the distance that prevented me from blogging about it, but I guess it sounds good – so let’s say so!
At this time of the year the nights are getting long – and the days short, and I was finding it harder to do a DAY’s ride – I started at 05:00 for my previous one. This time I wanted to REALLY go for it, perhaps the last ride of such length this winter. So I took advantage of what promised to be a surprisingly mild weather and clear visibility and do a ‘big’ one.

I planed to start at 22:00, but eventually managed to only start at 23:15. We went to see a play (enjoyed that very much), but we only arrived home at around 22:00-ish so had to spend some time preparing for it.

I didn’t take chances on the weather and I was well equipped to brave a very cold night (which it was not supposed to be, but who trusts the forecast this days?) It turned out that as far as temperature is concerned – they were right, and I started to peel off some of my garments within the first 20 minutes of the ride – and never put them back on until the end.

Overall, the ride lasted some 21 hours. From that, about 7-8 were in the dark. I managed quite OK, all considered, and blessed my lighting arrangement numerous times – it’s just fantastically good and extremely bright in the night. Good choice there!

While the temperature WAS mild, the rain that was not supposed to come either – did make an appearance. Unfortunately, I was somewhere near the the middle of the course when it started in earnest – and never stopped for long since. That was tough. And cold. and not pleasant – at all. I decided to tough it out to the end, and I did, but I think I had very few minutes to spare, if any, on arrival to the the finishing line.

I remember quite a lot of scenes from this journey, and while I also remember that it was difficult, I don’t feel that it was so. In fact, I wouldn’t mind trying it again 🙂

That’s where I went:

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On another front – I got me a fixie!

It’s a real gem – made in the UK by a London bike shop called Pearson Touche. It is reviewed here. I bought it second hand, in fantastic condition, for half the price of the new one. I then went to the shop itself on Saturday, and installed mudguards, a carbon seat post (better for shock absorption), new pedals, water bottle cage and a new freewheel gear so that I now have a fixed and a freewheel option on my rear wheel (called ‘flip-flop’). Tomorrow I am going to ride for the first time to work and I am really curious to check it out!!!

I have received two certificates for my achievements this year – all related to me doing in excess of 1000Km. Go me!

Certificate for this ride will be updated later – once received.