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Me have a new bike!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Well – not quite so new – it’s really 5 years old – but it’s a new TYPE of bike for me – a recumbent!

The bike is called ‘Street Machine’ from Velotechnik. The manufacturer web site is a good  starting point and a good description can be seen here: here (click on the tabs above the picture…)

Here is a not-so-good picture of it – but you get the idea…

 Now some links from the web to give you a better idea:

Pictures are here: here and a nice video is here: here (you can find some more – but this one is cool and short…)

The bike has the Speedhub for gears. If you are not familiar, Wikipedia will sort you out. Have a look at some images of that technology wonder or check out the short video that shows it being ‘assembled’…

So now I just need to …

  • Have it serviced (it’s in the shop already…)
  • Adjust it to my size
  • Learn how to ride it
  • Not fall too often – or not too hard at least!

Exciting times ahead!