What am I up to – the challenge

It all started from the cycling magazine article, describing the Paris Brest Paris (known as the PBP among the conoseire) cycling event. It is a timed event (not a race as such) in which participants try to cover the 1200 Km in 90 hours or less. It was written by a woman who participated with her boyfriend. Overall, it was ‘just another’ funny and slightly touching article, but what really hit me was the stats. There were 5000 participants in the 2007 event and the average age was 50. AVERAGE. My goodness. As I am 58 (near enough…), that’s actually, well, feasible…

Overall, I had a ‘down’ time lately, and I felt that I am just cruising through life, not having any inspirational goal. Having read this article it suddenly came to me that I would REALLY like to do it too! Unfortunately, this event runs only once every four years, so the next oone will only be in 2011. I will be ONLY 61 then, but I did not want to ‘wait’ that long. So I started to research this and then I came across the equivalent event in the UK, which is London Edinborough London (LEL). It is even harder than the PBP, being 1400 Km that need to be covered in 110 hours or so, but it has the advantage of happening next year. Well, that should give me enough time to prepare!

At the moment I am just commuting by cycling (25 Km / day) and do some weekend ridea. Last year I took part in several cycling events, ranging from the 50 miles London to Brighton and up to a 75 miles London to Canterbury (which I managed not to even finish properly – but never mind). So I am no stranger to riding ‘lengthy’ rides – that’s nowhere near enough for the gruelling cycling routes I have set myself to do.

OK – so I need to train. Having joined the absolutely lovely Barnet Cycling Club I get the twice a month Sunday ride, which covers 50-60 Km. Not too bad – but as it takes us a whole day to do it, this is hardly a strenuous training regime. I am looking for someone that I can ride with 100-200 Km a day, on weekends. I am told that there are such clubs – I am still looking for them.

So what have I done so far?

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