No. 42 – 5/9/09 – DIY London <-> Kings Lynn – 332Km

My task for this year is to go for the golden standar of SR (Super Randonneurs) this year. That means 200, 300, 400 and 600km. Moreover – I would like that to be gained on a fixed wheel! So this ride was my first attempt at the 600. I obviously did not make it – but did complete the 332 km distance in a quite acceptable 19 hours.

The ride route is quite simple: London -> Cambridge -> Kings Lynn and back. It’s almost a straight line going NE and the SW. The first half I did in real good form. I averaged 20km/h for the first 100 km. That’s pretty amazing at first sight – but not so much so if you consider that I also had a tail wind in assistance.

Obviosuly – what comes up must go down and they way back confronted me with an equally strong head wind. As one can expect – it felt so much stronger than before 🙁 I guess it’s a combination that no assistance is ever ‘too much’ and I was already quite tired, having covered 166km by then.

I had two short sleeping breaks, when I felt that my cycling path is too wobly for my own safety. I really don’t quite understand it, but every time I got up within 10 minutes of lying down – no alarm clock or anything. It’s wonderful what  short period of closing one eyes does!

I had one worrying moment in Cambridge when I was not sure if I will find a place to get a receipt and to fill up my water bottles. Luckily I had an inspiration and I found a hole in the wall AND a watering hose in a closed petrol station. Crisis averted!

On my way back, I dreaded the climb in the Hertford city, which I remembered to be REALLY steep and REALLY hard. For some peculiar reason – it wasn’t so at all! On the other hand, on the route to Potters Bar there were two climbs that sucked all the energy from me. I did not give up ever and never walked – but it was quite an effort.


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