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No. 26 – DIY Golders Green – 105 Km

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

It’s a bit depressing to ride 100Km and have very little to say about it. Perhaps the fact that I managed a best average speed of 19.3 Km/h is a good sign for the future. Overall, a good smooth and quite uneventful ride.

Although I did it on the Pearson Fixie, I am increasingly inclined to sell it. I did whatever feasible to bring the handlebar higher and it is still lower than my Specialised Sirrus by 4-5 cm – at least. So it simply does not feel comfortable. It seems that my only remaining option is to change the fork. Even that is feasible, which I believe it is, I am not just looking at an extra expense of at least £100 but the end result may look absolutely hideous. So I guess I could just ‘cut my losses’ and sell it. It’s a bit sad, having invested so much in it but one has to know when to quit I guess.

No. 25 – DIY Golders Green – 105 Km

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

It seems like AGES since I had a ‘real’ ride and I was itching, to say the least, to get going. What can I say – I really like riding… I was planning to have a ride on the 1st of January (seemed a good way to start the new year) but I did not feel too well on Thursday so decided to have a day rest. On Saturday I was as good as new (+/- 50 years) and off I went.


I (obviously) used my Fixed bike for that journey and did not regret it. I carefully counted the number of times I had to walk up hill (4) with the clear intention to try and reduce it if I possibly could. It was COLLLLLLLLLD – no more than 5C (sorry I know F all about F temp), and even though the sun WAS shining throughout there was no warmth in it.


I don’t think I broke any speed records but I do think I managed it in decent time. Looking forwards to my next one