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No. 27 – DIY Golders Green to Oxford – 115 Km

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

We were invited by my daughter to see a play she made the poster for in Oxford and also had in mind to visit my son who studies in the University there. Alas, the only day that looks remotely cyclable on that weekend was Saturday, which was just the day we intended to go there. My wife then came with the brilliant idea ‘why won’t you cycle to Oxford?’. I checked it and it seems very doable exercise – and so I did!

It was just great. The weather was chilly but not freezing and the sun was shining throughout. I was really concerned about riding my fixie up the hills between London and Aylesbury but it was not difficult at all. Yes, I had to walk two or three times, but overall I did well and was amazed to clock speeds of 20 km/h uphill. Obviously, once I reached the plateau between Aylesbury and Oxford I was riding faster than I recall being able to in the past.  My overall average was 20.4 – which I thought was just awesome!

I arrived in good time, had a shower and went to see the play – a highly enjoyable original comedy.

A good day.