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No. 42 – 5/9/09 – DIY London <-> Kings Lynn – 332Km

Friday, September 11th, 2009

My task for this year is to go for the golden standar of SR (Super Randonneurs) this year. That means 200, 300, 400 and 600km. Moreover – I would like that to be gained on a fixed wheel! So this ride was my first attempt at the 600. I obviously did not make it – but did complete the 332 km distance in a quite acceptable 19 hours.

The ride route is quite simple: London -> Cambridge -> Kings Lynn and back. It’s almost a straight line going NE and the SW. The first half I did in real good form. I averaged 20km/h for the first 100 km. That’s pretty amazing at first sight – but not so much so if you consider that I also had a tail wind in assistance.

Obviosuly – what comes up must go down and they way back confronted me with an equally strong head wind. As one can expect – it felt so much stronger than before 🙁 I guess it’s a combination that no assistance is ever ‘too much’ and I was already quite tired, having covered 166km by then.

I had two short sleeping breaks, when I felt that my cycling path is too wobly for my own safety. I really don’t quite understand it, but every time I got up within 10 minutes of lying down – no alarm clock or anything. It’s wonderful what  short period of closing one eyes does!

I had one worrying moment in Cambridge when I was not sure if I will find a place to get a receipt and to fill up my water bottles. Luckily I had an inspiration and I found a hole in the wall AND a watering hose in a closed petrol station. Crisis averted!

On my way back, I dreaded the climb in the Hertford city, which I remembered to be REALLY steep and REALLY hard. For some peculiar reason – it wasn’t so at all! On the other hand, on the route to Potters Bar there were two climbs that sucked all the energy from me. I did not give up ever and never walked – but it was quite an effort.

No. 41 – 29/8/09 – DIY Hertforshire – 100Km

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Licking my wounded pride over the ‘shameful’ abandoning of the LEL09, I decided to go back to Audaxing – and try to make it stick with my fixed gear. As a warm up, I did a 100 km ride – trying to go for speed. I was quite successful, except that the route was one of the very earliests I have created as a DIY and took me to places that were quite unsuitable for road bike riding. Overall I enjoyed it, but vowed to delete that route from my route schedule – just not a good one.