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Nasty fall and other dissapointments

Monday, March 9th, 2009

ABout three weeks ago I decided to go for a 200 Km ride on my fixie. First ever. Didn’t know how I will fare but as all my previous experiences were more positive than I feared I thought I’ll have a go. First 25 Km were Ok boarding on good – average 19.5 Km/h. The next 25 were really abysmall – managed a lousy 14.8 Km/h but it felt as if I was crawling. I wasn’t very tired or something, but the snow that was still very much on the road and the fear of slipping must have all controbuted. That – and the fact that it was mostly uphill… Anyway, the next 25 I was really pushing it and I did a satisfying 20.2 Km/h. I kept going very well.

Then came the right turn, on a wide a deserted round about that I felt I could take swiftly. Alas, the road was wet, the angle was sharp and the wheels just did not hold. I fell on my right hand side and slipped on the tarmac.

At first it didn’t feel very painful – with the adrenalin and all – but soon enough I was hurting really badly. I finally managed to get my ear wife on the phone and she came to collect me, my bruised ego and right hand and the almost intact bike. It took me three weeks for an (almost) full recovery and I will be riding the bike to work for the first time since then tomorrow.

To add insult to injury (literally), I was refused a place on the LEL 2009. The reason was simply that the application was submitted late. It’s hard to describe how dissapointed I was, having done so much to be ready for it and planning to do so much more. I am also quite annoyed, as the official site still has the application form in place and has no indication whatsoever that one should not waster the postage and send the application as it will be refused. It feels a bit like the ‘old boys’ network, so that if you are in the know you can get in but otherwise you don’t have a chance. I know, of course, that I could have applied two years ago, but I was far from sure that I am capable of making it to the end, unlike all the other veterans of such events. Well, I guess I’ll just have to move on and accept it, but I am telling you – it’s really hard to just let go of that dream – I invested in it quite a lot.

I may try another ‘target’ – such as end to end or so, but I am doing it almost as if I am forced to – there is no umpf in it nor great enthusiasm.